Problems with GemPC USB-SL on RHEL 5

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Thanks for taking the time to look over my problem.  I'm running RHEL 5 on a Dell D610 laptop (kernel 2.6.18-8.el5) and am trying to get Firefox/Thunderbird to load the certs on my smart card via a GemPC USB-SL card reader.  In Firefox, I was able to load the coolkey security module.  The reader is listed as "Gemplus GemPC Twin 00 00" in the Security Modules and Devices listing from Device Manager.  The debug output of the pcsc-lite daemon shows the reader as being available and echos the ATR value when I insert my smartcard.   However, if I launch a client (Firefox or Thunderbird), the following error is produced in the debug output:
winscard_msg_srv.c:267:SHMPProcessEventsContext() correctly processed client: 7
winscard.c:213:SCardConnect() Attempting Connect to Gemplus GemPC Twin 00 00 usng protocol: 1
prothandler.c:109:PHSetProtocol() Protocol T=0 requested but unsupported by the card
The client is not able to read the certs on the card. 
Here's a list of the associated packages I am running:










I was told a firmware upgrade on the card reader may be needed.  I was hoping someone may have run into this before and knows how to get around it.

Many thanks for your help!

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