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Lippold, Aaron L CIV DISA PEO-GES wrote:
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Yup. I set the lock action in the prefs and if I remove the card while
in X the card services client does see the card and will note its
removal. Also, GDM does see the card.

When I first startup, GDM will ask for the pin if I insert and hit enter
or type my username.
Oh, this is broken. When you insert the card, GDM should automatically prompt for the pin (maybe after a short delay).
If I have the card inserted and I logout of X, then upon the GDM restart
it will just ask for my pin. If at this point I remove the card and put
it back, it will just ask for my pin.
OK, so obviously you are missing smart card events. I've seen this on a RHEL 5.1 update, where coolkey isn't being added to secmod.db. Try doing a modutil --list -dbdir /etc/pki/nssdb and see if coolkey is there. If it's not try adding it with modutil and see if the problems go away.

If that's the problem then we need to see what may have caused it. Was this system upgraded from RHEL4? What does rpm -q coolkey say?


So, that's why I was asking what conf file or log should I check to see
if the 'on card remove, lock' trigger is working.

I am using the RPMs from the RHEL5.0 push. No updates.

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