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Yup. I set the lock action in the prefs and if I remove the card while
in X the card services client does see the card and will note its
removal. Also, GDM does see the card.

When I first startup, GDM will ask for the pin if I insert and hit enter
or type my username.

If I have the card inserted and I logout of X, then upon the GDM restart
it will just ask for my pin. If at this point I remove the card and put
it back, it will just ask for my pin.

So, that's why I was asking what conf file or log should I check to see
if the 'on card remove, lock' trigger is working.

I am using the RPMs from the RHEL5.0 push. No updates.



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2 things to check:

1) make sure you have your Card removal action set to Lock in your smart
cards settings (system->authentication->authentication->Configure Smart

2) If that is set, does smart card insertion and removal work from gdm?


Lippold, Aaron L CIV DISA PEO-GES wrote:
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> Hello,
> I just setup my RHEL5 install to do smart card login and for some 
> reason the 'lock screen on card removal' even isn't happening. I would

> guess that I don't need to use the lock screen helper script from the 
> alpha code right?
> Also, I have noticed that there are times when the login fails in GDM 
> but not on the console? I don't have any debug data on this but just 
> wondering if anyone has seen this before.
> Aaron
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