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Geoff Elgey wrote:

$ ./test-pksc11-syslog --syslog /usr/lib/pkcs11/

## calling syslog ... ok

## calling C_Initialize() ... ^C

Note that the C_Initialize() call hangs. But if I link with lpthread, it will work:

$ gcc -o test-pksc11-syslog test_pkcs11_syslog.o -ldl -lpthread

$ ./test-pksc11-syslog /usr/lib/pkcs11/

## calling C_Initialize() ... ok

## calling C_Finalize() ... ok

Thank Geoff,

This looks like it's a bug. should work whether or not -lpthread is included in the application that calls it. Could you write a bug up on this? I seem to remember an issue on RHEL4 that I couldn't reproduce. It might have to do with -lpthread.


Can anyone else reproduce this problem? I see this consistently on RHEL platforms, but googling shows no one else with this issue. It seems like a trivial test case that I wonder why no one else has mentioned it. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I think most uses include NSS which pulls in libpthread, you probably have tripped over a real problem.

The only way I can get around this issue is to modify my applications by linking “-lpthread” (which is not a viable solution or a requirement I can impose on customers) or modify Coolkey’s by checking for the pthread library and making the necessary RPMs for distribution.

But I’m hoping that I have just overlooked something trivial so that this is not necessary.

-- Geoff

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