RE: Coolkey hanging?

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Title: RE: Coolkey hanging?


> I haven't which version of the OS are you seeing this on?

This latest issue is on RHEL4.0.0, with kernal 2.6.9-5, although I have noted previously that I also found this on RHEL 4.0.3.

I wrote a simple app that dlopens() coolkey, optionally calls syslog(), then calls C_Initialize().

If there is no syslog call, then C_Initialize() returns. If there is a syslog() call, then C_Initialize() does not return. But if I link my simple application with -lpthread, then C_Initialize() will return after a syslog() call.

So somehow the syslog() call is tickling some thread logic (in libc, I assume) that causes problems when coolkey wants to use threading. I vaguely recall something about libc changing behaviour based on the presence of threading (but I may be wrong about this).

In any case, it's not possible to link my production code with -lpthread just in case it uses CoolKey PKCS#11.

-- Geoff

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