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Lippold, Aaron L CIV DISA PEO-GES wrote:
> I noticed that there was some traffic on the Evolution/CoolKey problem.
> Has anyone had any more success with the 2.8.x branch? 

I just tried it with Evolution 2.8.0 on CentOS 5 and it looks like the situation is the same.

After setting up an account in Evolution, closed Evolution and used modutil to install Coolkey into Evolution's secmod.db:

$ modutil -add "Coolkey" -libfile "" -dbdir ~/.evolution/

Then I went back into Evolution and inserted my smart card.  When going to Edit -> Preferences I was prompted for my PIN.  Clicking on Certificates, the the certs on my card.  I then clicked on Mail Accounts, selected my account, clicked Edit, and then went to the Security tab.  Next to Signing certificate, I was able to select the Email Signature Certificate on my card; the popup list also gave me the option of the ID Certificate.

However, when I went to select the Encryption certificate, I got the same two options: ID Certificate and Email Signature.  I selected the EMail Signature cert.  Thunderbird only gives me the option of an Email Encryption Certificate.

Also, when I compared the serial number of the certificate in the received signed email to the certificates on the card as they appear in the list of certificates in Thunderbird, it looks like it used the wrong certificate -- the ID Certificate, not the Email Signature certificate.  So it looks like Evolution is still choosing the wrong certificate when signing.

- David Mueller

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