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> I know I've built and run coolkey on rhel4, which version of 
> pcsc-lite-devel did you build with, and which version are you running?

I compiled and installed pcsc-lite-1.3.2 and ccid-1.0.0. I configured
coolkey with the location of the pcsc-lite package info, compiled and
installed it. Then I executed the installed pcscd.

I also tried pcsc-lite-1.3.1 and pcsc-lite-1.3.0 in place of

In all cases, I had to comment out the pthread_mutex_lock() and
pthread_mutex_unlock() calls of the OSLock implementation in
src/coolkey/machdep.cpp. Otherwise, the first call to OSLock::getLock()

(gdb) where
#0  0x0048c7a2 in _dl_sysinfo_int80 () from /lib/
#1  0x006e71ce in __lll_mutex_lock_wait () from /lib/tls/
#2  0x006e3e2b in _L_mutex_lock_35 () from /lib/tls/
#3  0x00000000 in ?? ()

The pcscd info at this point is:

pcscdaemon.c:151:SVCServiceRunLoop() A new context thread creation is
requested: 6
winscard_svc.c:136:ContextThread() Thread is started: 6
winscard_msg_srv.c:274:SHMProcessEventsContext() correctly processed
client: 6
winscard_svc.c:178:ContextThread() Client is protocol version 2:0
winscard_msg_srv.c:274:SHMProcessEventsContext() correctly processed
client: 6
winscard.c:159:SCardEstablishContext() Establishing Context: 16992231

Once the mutex calls are removed, the PKCS#11 library functions

I am using a Reflex USB v3 reader and a pre-initialized common access
card. This is on RHEL 4.0.3 WS, using kernel 2.6.9-34.EL

I copied the OSLock imlpementation to another file, and made a test
program that called OSLock::getLock() and OSLock::releaseLock()
repeatedly. This worked without problem, so pthread_mutex_lock() and
pthread_mutex_unlock() seem to work fine by themselves.

-- Geoff

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