Re: Help compiling ESC desktop token manager in Windows

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Thanks.  To clarify I don't think I need the whole package, I think just
the app that works with the CSP to load the certificates.  Logging into
the computer with a certificate isn't required and certificates have
already been generated.


> Hello Neil:
> Thanks for your interest.
> Building ESC on Windows is not trivial.
> I'm working on the documentation you speak of.
> In the mean time I"d be glad to help you out if possible.
> Couple things:
> ESC right now requires the Red Hat Certificate System to actually Format
> and Enroll tokens.
> Building ESC on Windows depends on the ability to build Xulrunner
> on Windows.
> We use Mozilla's previous Cygwin based build environment as well. A good
> start would
> be to see if you can simply build Xulrunner.
> A link with the requirements is here:
> I will take a look at your "nsinstall" issue.
> thanks,
> jack
> Neil M. wrote:
>> Hi, I'm trying to compile the ESC desktop token manager code in Windows
>> and am having problems getting started.  Is there any documentation
>> about
>> how to do this?  I've started by running the makefiles in Cygwin and it
>> looks like the make depends on a program called nsinstall.  I was able
>> to
>> check out the CSP and build with Visual Studio according to the
>> instructions without a problem.  Thanks.
>> Neil
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