Re: Help compiling ESC desktop token manager in Windows

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Hello Neil:

Thanks for your interest.

Building ESC on Windows is not trivial.

I'm working on the documentation you speak of.
In the mean time I"d be glad to help you out if possible.

Couple things:

ESC right now requires the Red Hat Certificate System to actually Format and Enroll tokens.

Building ESC on Windows depends on the ability to build Xulrunner on Windows. We use Mozilla's previous Cygwin based build environment as well. A good start would
be to see if you can simply build Xulrunner.

A link with the requirements is here:

I will take a look at your "nsinstall" issue.


Neil M. wrote:
Hi, I'm trying to compile the ESC desktop token manager code in Windows
and am having problems getting started.  Is there any documentation about
how to do this?  I've started by running the makefiles in Cygwin and it
looks like the make depends on a program called nsinstall.  I was able to
check out the CSP and build with Visual Studio according to the
instructions without a problem.  Thanks.


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