Re: Coolkey hanging?

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Geoff Elgey wrote:


> The trunk is pretty stable. I cut the 1_0_1 release for
> Fedora, but there are additional patches.

I'm getting the following compile error on a fresh checkout of coolkey
on RHEL4:

  log.h: In member function `SysLog* SysLog::operator=(SysLog&)':
  log.h:59: error: cannot convert `SysLog' to `SysLog*' in return

Hmm that looks like a bug. It should be SysLog& I'll look into that.

Maybe changing to "SysLog& SysLog::operator=(SysLog&)" is required here.

Where can I get the patches to COOLKEY_1_0_1?

You can grab the latest fedore source rpm at:

> Are you using a CAC card? I had some problems with CAC at one point.
> Sometimes the card would not respond to the locking request
> for some period of time after a reset or and insertion. The
> fedora code has a patch to fix this. I think that patch is
> checked into the trunk.

Yes, I am using CAC. Building from the trunk on RHEL4 still results in
hanging in the call to first readerListLock.getLock() call in the first
call to updateSlotList().

Hmm, that's a different lock than the one I was dealing with.. You are building COOLKEY_1_0_1 and getting this?

-- Geoff


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