Coolkey hanging?

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I am interested in using CoolKey to communicate via PKCS#11 to some
Common Access cards that I have.

* What is the latest stable version (if any) of CoolKey? I saw the cvs
tag COOLKEY_1_0_1 which I assume represents release 1.0.1

* What are the supported platforms? I'm assuming Fedora only at the
moment (and by extension Redhat), but are any other platforms supported?

I checked out COOLKEY_1_0_1 and built it on RHEL4.0.3, using a
pcsc-lite-1.3.0 and ccid-1.0.0. I found that any locking calls would
hang. When I removed the locking calls from the code, then coolkey would
work (but is now unsynchronized). Has anyone else found this problem?
This was not a problem for me on RHEL using earlier versions of coolkey
(around a few months ago).

-- Geoff

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