Re: Coolkey hanging?

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Hi Geoff,

Geoff Elgey wrote:


I am interested in using CoolKey to communicate via PKCS#11 to some
Common Access cards that I have.

* What is the latest stable version (if any) of CoolKey? I saw the cvs
tag COOLKEY_1_0_1 which I assume represents release 1.0.1
The trunk is pretty stable. I cut the 1_0_1 release for Fedora, but there are additional patches.

* What are the supported platforms? I'm assuming Fedora only at the
moment (and by extension Redhat), but are any other platforms supported?
We have support for Linux, Windows and Mac. Mac build instructions should be available on the website soon.

I checked out COOLKEY_1_0_1 and built it on RHEL4.0.3, using a
pcsc-lite-1.3.0 and ccid-1.0.0. I found that any locking calls would
hang. When I removed the locking calls from the code, then coolkey would
work (but is now unsynchronized). Has anyone else found this problem?
This was not a problem for me on RHEL using earlier versions of coolkey
(around a few months ago).
Are you using a CAC card? I had some problems with CAC at one point. Sometimes the card would not respond to the locking request for some period of time after a reset or and insertion. The fedora code has a patch to fix this. I think that patch is checked into the trunk.


-- Geoff

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