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Am Wed, 7 Apr 2021 19:25:04 +0200
hat Niene Rink <joern.rink@xxxxxxxxx> (Niene Rink) folgendes

i want to give you a ststus of my little project:

As every linux project, it begins little and grows exponentionally ;-)

i manage to make rpms of the two apps and their configuration, bring
it to a local repo, which i copy to the mock environment, so its
visible by my custom anaconda ks script and i simply add them as a

It works, the apps are there, one works directly, one is a bit

So thanks for the hint making a rpm, Brian.

So, as every time, there is still one little problem.  I have a
workaround for it, but i want to solve it without mounting an usb stick
and execute a script.

My last problem:

The second app runs, but when i do nothing, it thinks
everytime it is installed new. So i save the configuration in a rpm
and tar the files to the needed home-directory of the liveuser.

This i make with adding the stuff at the end of the livesys file.

It also works, but trinity and firefly put some stuff in the default
gnome-keyring. I also save the ring, tar it and i want to 
untar it also during the livesys. 
It is not so easy, because you have to kill gnome-keyring, untar the
and start the gnome-keyring again. For this i have a script, but i want
to do it during livesys.

For that, a few questions:

/etc/init.d/livesys runs as root, right?
i have not figured out, when gnome-keyring is started and am i able to
"keyringing"  him the liveuser default keyring.

For any idea i am very happy. 

For all who read my posts so far, thank you for reading!!

PS:The app trinity and firefly is from the IOTA foundation. Also new
firefly beta app has the same problem (put stuff in the keyring)

> Am Wed, 7 Apr 2021 09:00:25 -0700
> hat "Brian C. Lane" <bcl@xxxxxxxxxx> (Brian C. Lane) folgendes
> geschrieben:
> Hi Brian,
> yes, you understand it correct. 
> > On Sun, Apr 04, 2021 at 11:21:50AM +0200, Niene Rink wrote:
> > > Hello,
> > > since yesterday i am a step further.
> > 
> > If I am understanding correctly you are using livemedia-creator and
> > you want to add files to the live user's home directory, correct?
> Yes
> > 
> > lorax/lmc templates aren't the right way to do that, they operate on
> > the results of the Anaconda installation not inside of it so they
> > can only change the contents of the iso.
> > 
> googling around give me one hit, where you mention a lorax parameter
> which adds stuff to an iso-graft dir, when it is there. So it make
> sense when i use this iso-graft, it is not in the anaconda generated
> filesystem. 
> > For production setups I recommend wrapping your files in an rpm and
> > using a local repository added to the kickstart. This lets you keep
> > track of what went into each image.
> hope there is a simple way, but its ok, i can generate an easy rpm.
> diectory of the files must not be home.
> > 
> > For one-off or proof of concept images you could use %post
> > --nochroot but I am not 100% sure what is available without trying
> > it myself. We are running anaconda from the host using unshare, but
> > the host filesystem should be available to copy files from.
> i tried %post -nochroot, but with no effort in my mock environment.
> > 
> > kickstart script output is logged so you could add some diagnostics
> > to your kickstart and then look in ./anaconda/*log for the output
> > to see what is visible from the %post.
> Thanks so far Brian, and the moment i use 2 usb sticks, one with the
> live OS, one with 2 apps and my data. Executing my from the
> usb stick makes it easy, but not perfect ;-)
> perfect for me:  live cd with apps and my encrypted stick with my
> data.
> So  try to build an autobuild process for the 2 apps around my livecd
> build process.
> regards

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