livemedia-creator lorax customizing question

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since yesterday i am a step further.

from a post which is closed:

a guy describes exact my problem. Brian answers and closed this threat
with the info to use --add-arch-template.

I recognize, that lmc has not the parameter, so how to use his
parameter with lmc?

So i look into the default arch templates, i found a
section, but this section is not in the template which livemediacreator
uses (under /live/x86...).

so i add this section in the 

template. Cause i am not familar with the mako language, after trial
and error a lot, i set the workdir, which is not set in the live tmpl,
to "." in the live/x68.tmpl.

i create an iso-graft in my mock chroot root-dir and move a testfile

build the live iso and, voila, its there, but not where i am expect it.
As i remember correctly, it was in the /run/.... tree, not in the root

I still try to search a method to put files into the live os tree.

i am able to create a directory there (with  the post section of the
flatten ks file) but i am not able to move a file from mock-chroot
inside that directory.

So, is there an easy way to move files to a liveos with lmc from a
mock environment?

Greetings from germany and keep healthy,
Jörn Rink

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