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Hi Niene,

As far as I know there is no easy way how to move files between mock
environment and live DVD. Reason for that is it's kind a installation
in chroot or VM.

However, this is a question on Brian C. Lane who is the maintainer of
LMC on Anaconda question. Adding him here explicitly if he is able to
tell you more.

Best Regards,

On Sun, 2021-04-04 at 11:21 +0200, Niene Rink wrote:
> Hello,
> since yesterday i am a step further.
> from a post which is closed:
> a guy describes exact my problem. Brian answers and closed this
> threat
> with the info to use --add-arch-template.
> I recognize, that lmc has not the parameter, so how to use his
> parameter with lmc?
> So i look into the default arch templates, i found a
> section, but this section is not in the template which
> livemediacreator
> uses (under /live/x86...).
> so i add this section in the 
> usr/share/lorax/templates.d/99-generic/live/x86.tmpl
> template. Cause i am not familar with the mako language, after trial
> and error a lot, i set the workdir, which is not set in the live
> tmpl,
> to "." in the live/x68.tmpl.
> i create an iso-graft in my mock chroot root-dir and move a testfile
> inside.
> build the live iso and, voila, its there, but not where i am expect
> it.
> As i remember correctly, it was in the /run/.... tree, not in the
> root
> filesystem.
> I still try to search a method to put files into the live os tree.
> i am able to create a directory there (with  the post section of the
> flatten ks file) but i am not able to move a file from mock-chroot
> inside that directory.
> So, is there an easy way to move files to a liveos with lmc from a
> mock environment?
> Greetings from germany and keep healthy,
> Jörn Rink
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