Re: F33: preview swap-on-ZRAM using zram-generator feature change

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I've tested some images and this is going OK for the Live ISOs, but
the boot.iso based images like netinstallers and dvds (silverblue,
Server DVD) for some reason do not have zram-generator-defaults on
them. Therefore those installation environments don't have a
swap-on-zram setup.

I see the 'Recommends: zram-generator-defaults'

Yet that's somehow not enough? Nor is it enough that
zram-generator-defaults is in @standard, to get it onto all the
install media?

Related PRs

So far the installed OS's from these do have zram-generator-defaults
installed, and the swap-on-zram device is up and running OK. The one
installation that doesn't have it is the 'Custom Fedora' (I think this
is also known as minimal package set) installation I used when doing
an Everything netinstall installation.

Chris Murphy

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