Re: /boot/efi size, 260MiB minimum for FAT32 ESP) -- WAS: /boot size

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Chris Murphy wrote:
> You want to support installing Windows after Fedora? Why?

No, I merely suggested we consider adding the _option_, with a
checkbox, to Anaconda so it creates a GPT disk label that is
compatible with Windows x64.  In addition to specifying FAT32, along
with the aforementioned 4KiB logical sector reality requiring 260MiB,
Microsoft also considers the 0C01h non-optional on GPT.  So I thought
it was a good way to offer something with a checkbox, that's all.

> I don't know what "Native 64-bit uEFI Storage Services" means
> or how that affects the use case.

I just mean native uEFI boot, not uEFI w/CSM which provides Legacy
16-bit BIOS Int13h Disk Services.

-- bjs

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