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On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM, Chris Lumens <clumens@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> CL> The fix is to make /boot larger so more kernels can fit, say, 1GB.
>> Doesn't Fedora have the same basic issue, though?  My 500M /boot volumes
>> are nearly half full and I don't install the kernel-debug packages.
> Yep, Fedora would definitely have the same problem.  I'm just curious if
> Fedora is going to want to solve it in some different way or what.

Maybe the dual booters with small drives might bug eye at a 1G boot
partition? But in the short term (year?) I'm not expecting a Btrfs
switch where /boot on Btrfs as a subvolume avoids the concern of
wasted space; so if it needs to get bigger, the only different way I'm
thinking of is make it 750M?

But I regularly keep 5-8 kernels including debug kernels and I'm not
seeing this kind of space consumption. I've got kernel 4.5.2 nondebug
and takes up 30M in /boot, and 4.6.0.rc4
debug takes up 31M. So...? Fedora uses hostonly initramfs. Is that a
factor? Even if I go that route, it's only 59M for the debug kernel
and its initramfs and map. I don't hit 250M with four of those, let
alone 500M. What am I missing?

Chris Murphy

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