ASUSTek USB Audio is not picking up sound (but system audio)

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Hi everyone,

I encountered a weird issue with the onboard audio of my new ASUS X670E-A mainboard. A headset (with separate connectors for in-/output) is connected directly to the backplate of the mainboard. Sound output is working fine, however no audio input is registered. Instead, when playing system sounds, those are relayed to the mic input.

I come to the ALSA mailing list since the issue applies independent (!) of the question of whether I use PulseAudio (on Ubuntu 22.04, Kernel 5.x) or PipeWire/WirePlumber (on Garuda/Arch, Kernel 6.1.6). I also confirmed that the issue is not (!) hardware related, as everything is working on Windows11. I also confirmed this issue with a POP_OS/Ubuntu22.04 USB Live Stick to ensure its not something I messed up in my system installation/configuration.

My ALSA config can be found here:

Additionally you can find logs of pacman sources / outputs in my original request for help in the Garuda forums:

I would be glad for any help you can offer. Thank you in advance!


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