xkb: How to map Ctrl+Alt to Altgr in xkb?

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I'm trying to modify my xkb config so that to map CTRL+ALT combination to 
ALTGR, so that symbols normaly accessible with ALTGR+key can also be obtained 
with CTRL+ALT+key (The same behaviour as in W2K). This behaviour is very 
handy for eg. azerty keyboard when you type with 10 fingers

on Be keyboard, left brace is obtained normally with ALTGR-8; in W2K we can 
also do CTRL-ALT-8, which is more convenient when you type with your 10 

I had no problem to do this in console keymaps (text mode). In keymaps, it was 
quite easy to map some modifier combination + keycode to some symbol, but it 
seems much more difficult in X11/xkb. I tried several things to no avail: add 
a new type (like a 6 level type with AltGr,Control,Alt), add new modifiers 
mapping in symbols/, add new compat/ action, etc. No way, I'm lost. The best 
I could achieve is to make it works in some edit box, but it doesn't work in 
say konsole or kate. Actually, I suspect that this is because although 
<LCTRL> with Alt modifier is mapped to ISO_Level3_Shift, the Alt modifier is 
still active, and so the X application thinks I'm doing combination like 
Alt-Altgr-8, instead of Altgr-8 to get leftbrace on a Be keyboard.

Thanks a lot for any help.

- OpenSUSE 10.2
- xkb multi-layout and extension support 
- package xorg-x11-libxkbfile v7.2.12
- package xorg-x11-libxkbfile-devel v7.2-12
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