Re: 800x600 is not displayed full-screen on 1024x768 tft in Xfree86-4.5.0

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Hello Mark,

> options documented in the "chips" man page.  
> The man page suggests that scaling is on by default, 

I actually use vesa driver with 4.5.0, but chips 
driver doesn't scale by default either.
Interestingly, vesa driver does scale on via cle266 
with the same Xf86Config-4 that I use for ct69000.

> Was there something printed out in the XFree86.0.log 
> file that suggested why scaling wasn't used?

I don't believe I saw any clue, let me re-run it 
and double-check.

> You could try playing with the options mentioned 
> in the man page.

I will, although my preference would be to get 
vesa scaling on this chip.


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