Re: OUT OF RANGE error using X and a new SONY LCD

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I just finished trouble shooting a "Sync out of range" message
on my Viewsonic VG800 LCD panels, which take an analog input.

In my case, i recieved the message when leaving X, or when I toggled
from X to a virtual (text) console.

My problem was in an incorrect setting in my lilo.conf file, despite
the fact that upon booting, my console functioned fine.

This could be your problem too. for example, X may try to start,
but fail, then X sends you back to an incorrect console mode.

Note that two generous subscribers tried valiantly to help me.
But every one was focusing on X, when X was not the problem.

In the end it was by chance that i figured out the solution.
Below are the details. The row (color resolution) was not 
important in my case. Instead, it was the column that was 

It might be helpful for you to know that before i finally 
figured out problem, I tried many different HorizSync and 
VertRefresh values/ranges - even ranges that went beyond 
my panel's capabilities - and that X performed fine with 
all of them (as long as i didn't have a typo in XFConfig. 
Note that X may not be starting for you for this very 
reason).  Also, i do not have any modelines in my XFConfig
file - i remember reading somewhere that these days, X 
generates the appropriate mode line by probing the hardware.

Here is another twist to the story: it turns out that my
settings in the XFConfig file were affecting my console
mode! even when X was not running!  A minor problem that
i was having in console mode was that all the text lines were
shifted about four characters off the screen.  X was running
perfectly, but whenever I left X, the console was shifted!
Details on how i fixed this are at the bottom.

Apart from these two issues, X has always worked fine "out
of the box" for me, so i am not an expert in any sense.

> i fixed this problem, as root, by editing /etc/lilo.conf, then running the command lilo.
> in particular, i changed
>    vga=791
> to
>    vga=795 (or any other value in that column)
> then ran lilo.
> appearantly, 791 was fine for my 1024x768 panels
> but a different value is need for 1280x1024 panels
> here is a table that i ripped off from
>    Colours   640x480 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024 1600x1200
>    --------+---------------------------------------------
>    256     |   769     771      773      775       796
>    32,768  |   784     787      790      793       797
>    65,536  |   785     788      791      794       798
>    16.8M   |   786     789      792      795       799

> > there remains a problem.  it is the same problem that i
> > had with my 1024x768 panels.  whenever i leave X, the 
> > first 4 columns of texmode are shifted off the screen
> > (the whole screen is shifted to the left by four columns)
> > this is not the case upon a cold boot, but only with textmode
> > of VCs or leaving X.

> i posted this problem yesterday at the end of a different 
> thread on the newbie list.
> i fixed the problem by changing the line:
>   VertRefresh 50-75
> to
>   VertRefresh 60
> in my /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file.
> Under X, the VG800 panels' On Screen Display (OSD) now report
>    Resolution: 1280x1024
>    Frequency: H: 64.0  KHz
>               V: 60.0  Hz
> and the virtual consoles are no longer shifted 4 columns off screen,
> nor is textmode upon leaving X.


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