Re: Configuration of Intel 815 for flat panel displays

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Hello Detlef,

My hardware is next:

* Mainboard: Intel PIII 1000 MHZ with chipset Intel 815.

* I've connected a panoramic Samsumg Flat Panel (LTM170W) thought the DVI interface.

* The problem is that I have no DDC2B and EDID support for this monitor and the BIOS don't recognize the monitor. Therefore, the DVI is not running.

How could I switch on the Digital Video Port to run the DVI interface from Linux boot up or from Xfree86. I know what is the configuration of this monitor and my XF86Config is OK.

I think I have only to swith on the Digital video port. Do you know how to do it.

Thank you very much,

jose lopez:

Hardware Designeer

 José López wrote:
> hello all,
> I would like to configure the XFree86 server to run with a Digital
> Flat panel (TFT) on the Intel 815 chipset. Does anyone know?
> Thank you very much.
> josel,
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Detlef Bruening <> wrote:
Question is what type of Monitor you are using and how you have connect
Some more details about your hardware would be nice. At least since
XFree86 V.4.01 i'm using Flat panel connected
via DVI. Sometimes it´s a bit tricky to get them working.

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