screen corruption on radeon 7500 (M7 LW)

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Hello, all. I have a compaq evo n1000v laptop with a Radeon M7 L4 chip.
Using the vesa driver works fine, but I would like to get acceleration
working (and dual head at some point) which from what I have found means
getting the radeon driver working. 

If I take my working vesa XF86Config
and replace the vesa with radeon or ati in the device section, I get a
screen with distortion that is like blurriness. The strangest part is
that not everything is blurry, things like the mouse pointer and my
desktop wallpaper look fine, but lines and text are garbled.

Based on the fact that others have this card working, I am wondering if
it has something to do with the lcd panel, the only info about this
problem I have seen online was in reference to a presario 2800 which has
the same lcd panel as this one (X -configure detects it as VendorName
LGP, ModelName 6e54), but I don't know what to do with that info.

I'm not sure really where I should look from here, I have tried the
latest cvs version with no difference (other than the fact that my
ctrl-alt-fn keys no longer work). Can anyone give any pointers? I can
post whatever info is relevant at this point, but didn't want to bombard
the list off the bat.

Thanks for your help

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