Error with cirrus GD5446, X version 4.2.0

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Hi all!
I'm having trouble getting X started on my Machine running Red Hat 8.0.

- IBM 4694-244: Cirrus GD5446 chip
- Monitor - IBM: 9052-V01

X version: 4.2.0

I have run XFree86 -configure and then try to run the reslting configuration file.

The screen freezes with garbled image and the only solution is to reboot (Can't login to another session whith CTRL-ALT-F2 for example).

Included are the log and the configuration file.

I would be thankful for any tips on the subject:
- Should I upgrade to 4.2.1?
- If so, which RPM utilities do I need (I know I need the "strings" command but don't know in which RPM i can find it)?

regards Patrik Ernberg

 <<>>  <<XFree86.0.log>> 


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