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I installed my old mach64 ati card into my machine to create a sweet dual cga setup. Right now i'm using 4.2.1 and the ati driver only enables me to run 8 bit mode. So reading some documentation i figured out that the ati sriver limits my card to a non-ati card so i can only do 8 bit mode.

Before with my linux escapades i ran xfree 3.3.6 and used the mach64 driver to power my X. As far as i can remember i used to run my card at 1024x786 at that time at 16 bbp.

My question is how can i run my card now at 16 bbp at 1024x786 so i can look at my screen a nice way. Can i import the 3.3.6 driver or can i modify the source of the driver. Maybe there are agressive options to enable 16 bbp? Right now i'm stuck and couldn't find any help in the docs i i'm turning to the newbie mail list.



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