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On Sunday 01 December 2002 09:08 am, Mark R. Muto wrote:
> I did manage to get to and downloaded two files,
> and Xinstall.bin (the latest version 4.0.3 I think).
> However, when I tried to execute the .bin file, it said that I needed
> to extract it using extract.exe, but I don't have a clue where to
> find it or how to install it. I have no idea what to do with the .sh
> file.

 The lateset Xfree86 version is 4.2.1. 4.0.3 is old. Your RedHat XFree86 
is just fine the Video card

> Please don't misunderstand, I very much appreciate the assistance,
> I'm just a bit frustrated at how steep this learning curve is.


 The i845 chipset is not supported. You can get an inexpensive (~$50.00) 
ATI video card and install it. These can be purchased at Best Buy, 
Fry's, CompUSA, and even WalMart (but from the  on line store only). I 
say that it is not supported because I see in SuSE's support data base 
that this card is not supported and from RedHat's mailing list is the 
following memo (bellow) from Mr. Harris, of RedHat, explaining why it 
is not supported now. Nor why it will be supported in the future.

 Before you get upset with RedHat that this card is not supported, 
remember that your RedHat box comes with software that would cost 
*thousands* of dollars to buy commercially. The there most expensive 
packages are:

Octave / Gnuplot (BLAS and LAPACK optimized)  This is equivelqant to 
MatLab, which costs about $1200.00 USD

GIMP  which is equivalent to Adobe Photoshop (~ $700.00)

QCad  A cad draing progrmme, whose comercial equivelant would cost at 
least $199.00 USD.

So it is really a bargin to go out and get a cheap ATI or other 
supported card avail yourself of all this nice software.

From: Mike A. Harris:
Intel i830/i845 video support, and the future

 just wanted to provide you all with an update on this hardware 
since I've been getting a _LOT_ of emails asking about it, bug 
reports of it not working (because people don't realize it is 
unsupported, and go out and buy the hardware first, then find out 
it isn't supported, rather than finding out first, and _THEN_ 
making hardware purchase).  By providing this information here 
and now, I hope that people will share it around, and it will 
quell the incoming storm of email that I don't have time to 
answer individually. just committed improved 2D support to the i810 driver 
and added 3D support for this hardware as well.  Of course, it is 
untested at this point in time.  I just wanted to let you all 
know that the work is apparently done, so XFree86 4.3.0 will have 
3D support for this hardware.  Many further i810 driver 
improvements were just committed as well, including a big driver 

The support also requires Mesa 4.x which is also in XFree86 CVS 
now too.

Since I've decided to share this information, I realize it may 
spawn some questions, so I'll try to answer them first.  ;o)

Q) Will this new code be backported to XFree86 4.2.0 and appear 
   in the new release of Red Hat Linux?

A) No.

Q) Will an updated XFree86 be made available for any release of 
   Red Hat Linux containing this new support?

A) No.

Q) When will this new driver code be available to Red Hat Linux 

A) The new i8x0 driver code improved support will be in XFree86 
   4.3.0 when it is released near the end of the year.  XFree86
   4.3.0 will be included in the release of Red Hat Linux that 
   follows the official XFree86 release.

Q) When XFree86 4.3.0 is released, and is packaged in RPM format, 
   will Red Hat release errata update of it for any existing Red 
   Hat Linux release?

A) Very very unlikely.  It will greatly depend on how intrusive 
   the new X release is to previous releases in terms of actual 
   engineering, and a million other factors.  If pushed to 
   provide a yes/no answer, based on what information I know 
   about XFree86 4.3.0 at this point in time, I would say "no".

Q) When will XFree86 4.3.0 RPM packages, or "test" packages of 
   prereleases of XFree86 4.3.0 start appearing in Rawhide, so 
   that users can test this stuff out?

A) I've no idea officially as it depends on a great many factors.  
   On a purely "awesome chocolaty goodness" factor, I would like 
   to do that 2 months ago however, it takes a great amount of 
   engineering work to bump a stable RPM package like our current 
   4.2.0 up to XFree86 CVS, go over all 110 patches and remove, 
   update, fix them all, and send patches back upstream, fix 
   build problems, architectural problems, etc. and get the 
   package into a state where I'm confident it is safe enough for 
   the craziest guinea pigs to fry their systems.  ;o)  The short 
   answer is "as soon as I can possibly do so, but no idea when 
   that will be, so no guarantees.

However, I hope this information does provide you all with a warm 
sense of "wow, my hardware will eventually work!"   ;o)

Also... please do not email me to ask me the status on things 
like this...  If it isn't in rawhide, it isn't ready yet, and 
asking me only slows me down from making things happen.  My 
answer to such questions is almost always a variant of "When 
it's done.".   ;o)

Also, please do not write me back with $random reason why any of
this should be included in Red Hat Linux earlier than what I said
above.  My decisions are well thought out, and 110% final - it
wont be included until it is properly ready for public usage and 
has undergone proper public beta testing, QA testing, etc.

I urge people to share this with anyone who has i845 hardware and 
wants to know when it will be supported.  Also tell them to not 
email me.  ;o)

Here's to hoping that 4.3.0 is a solid release when it arrives 
later this year.

Take care all,

Mike A. Harris
OS Systems Engineer
XFree86 maintainer
Red Hat Inc.


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