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On Sat, 30 Nov 2002, Jonathan Drews wrote:


> I have found Libranet (which is Debian Woody with an install interface) 
>to be very good. No problems with X in that one.  I think SuSE is ok. 
>My video in SuSE runs well. However I am curious about the  "modprobe: 
>can't locate char-major-226" warning.  I thought this was associated 
>with X in some way.

Yup, that'd be DRI.  Check 
/usr/src/<kernel-version>/Documentation/devices.txt :

226 char        Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI)
                  0 = /dev/dri/card0            First graphics card
                  1 = /dev/dri/card1            Second graphics card


Oisin Feeley


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