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On Saturday 30 November 2002 10:48 am, you wrote:
>  I've recently downloaded XFree86 ver. 4.2. from a ftp site and installed
> with the attached sh script it but it doesn't seem to work. It's a graphic
> card issue (previous versions don't recognize it, the NVidia drivers don't
> "want" to compile), which might be fixed by a XFree upgrade.  

I had the same problem with my GForce4... I downloaded and installed 
Xupdate.tgz from and ran the simple script. Then installed then 
installed NVIDIA_GLX from the tarball and the NVIDIA-kernel and did startx 
.... worked first shot. I did have to make some changes to XF86Config-4 but 
that is explained in detail in the readme you'll find on the nvidia d'load 
Regards, Ernie
100% Microsoft and Intel free

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