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On 28 Nov 2002, Erik Moeller wrote:

>On Don, 2002-11-28 at 00:42, Oisin C. Feeley wrote:
>> You're going to have to specify what you mean by "copying to Mozilla" 
>> means.  Do you mean pasting into a cgi-bin based form?  If so, then 
>> that's likely where your problem lies.  I can confirm that pasting 13K 
>> of text _from_ Mozilla _to_ vim works fine for me.  This was using only 
>> the standard alphanumeric characters.  As soon as quotes and 
>> single-quotes were used then the pasting no longer worked.  Similarly 
>> emdashes.
>So we do have the same problem. Any idea what the cause is? I have this
>problem with most applications -- are application programmers just
>stupid, or is X' clipboard broken?

Hi Erik,
would you care to answer the question about what you're trying to do?  I 
initially responded to your message saying that this was something to do 
with "emdash" and other characters (such as accented characters common 
in non-English languages).  I still hold that this is the case.  There 
is a bug-report open in RH8.0 which so far has been answered with the 
suggestions that this is something to do with the i18n and l10n of the 
applications.  Specifically the suggestion is made by Red Hat to make 
sure that both applications are using the same encoding.  Here's the bug 
reference for Bugzilla if you're interested (I've taken out the email 
addresses of the reporters in case they don't want their emails 
available): Bugzilla Bug -  75378
Description of problem:
If I cut -umount out of a man page with gnome-terminal it comes out as
?^?^?umount in another gnome-terminal window.

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open two gnome-terminal windows
2. man sash
3. Search for umount
4. Cut -umount
5. Paste it in the other gnome-terminal window

Actual Results:  ?^?^?umount

Expected Results:  -umount

Additional info:

Works fine from gnome-terminal to galeon
  This also an issue with xterm.  The minus signs aren't displayed in
xterm.  In fact if you paste a man page minus from gnome-terminal to
xterm.  It's not displayed either.  Pasting to Eterm results in this

Additional comment by xxxxxx on 2002-10-14 21:19:59 The text is copied
in the current locale (which by default is probably UTF-8).  If the
application which is running in the second window can't handle data in
the same format, then it's actually a bug in the receiving application
(if it's a terminal emulator, it'll actually be the app running in it).  
If you're pasting onto the command line, it'd be useful to know which
shell you're using.

Additional comment by xxxxxxx on 2002-10-14 21:31:05 From two different
gnome-terminals both with the same locale and using zsh in both. As a
workaround I am setting my /etc/sysconfig/i18n to 7.3 style aka

Additional comment by xxxxxx on 2002-10-14 21:57:16 I see it with 2
gnome-terminals started from redhat menu under gnome running bash.  It
you alias man='env LANG=C man'.  The problem goes away.  It's not just
man that is screwed I've got at least 5 apps aliased like this.


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