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I hope I'm not out of line by jumping in like this, but I also am having 
trouble with my Radeon Mobility :)

I've installed RedHat8.0 on my Asus L2b laptop. The laptop has a Radeon 7500 
or M7 in it, and initially running RH7.3 was causing lock-ups after five or 
six minutes, even under "vesa" drivers.

With RH8.0 I get about half an hour or more, but the sporadic lock-ups 
remain. By lock up, I mean everything gets crashed, HARD. no changing back to 
terminals, no chance to shut down.

The fan comes on after a few seconds, so I assume the CPU is just 
freewheeling itself into overheating :(

I'm running Xfree86 4.2.0 (standard install for RH8). In the "Supported 
Devices" part of the Xfree86 web site, at it says:

"Accelerated support is provided for Mach64, Rage, Rage 128 and Radeon chips 
by the "ati" driver, as is unaccelerated support for all of the others except 
the Mach8 and some early Mach32 chips."

I've tried changing from the "radeon" driver to this "ati" driver, and the 
performance is almost exactly the same- are they in fact different drivers?

The crash mainly happens when I "push" the system, for example, playing 
Chromium is quite likely to kill it, or scrolling rapidly in OpenOffice, but 
even lagno, or nautilus will do it sometimes. Mozilla seems to be quite adept 
at crashing it :)

I've spent quite a few hours looking for some kind of similar 
problem/solution on the web, and while there is lots of Radeon problems, it 
seems to be more a "working or not" situation than an "intermittent crash".

If anyone can suggest things to try, please do so. I'm DYING to shift my day-
to-day stuff off winXP.


11/24/2002 11:40:15 PM, Hans Borg <> wrote:

>Hi Rich,
>In order not to confuse you, this was the rejected mail.
>No, I don't have Ati radeon on my laptop and also I am using an older
>XF86 on that one. However, I am using XF86 4.2.0 on my desktop. On
>that one I have a driver called radeon (radeon_drv.o). In my installation
>it resides in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers. Attached.
>I am not sure it will work, but may be worth a try.
>At 12:41 2002-11-24 -0000, you wrote:
>>You don't happen to have an ATI radeon 9000 in your laptop do you ? If you
>>do, can you tell be how you got it working ? A working config (or
>>**anything**) would be really appreciated. (re: post - "Where is the ATI
>>radeon ???")
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