Re: force linear memory with vesa 1.2

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Not sure this will help, but have had similar problem.

In XF86Config, try not to use the general VESA driver, but
the specific ati rage128 driver. Hopefully you have it.

That is in Xf86Config:
Section "Device"
Driver "ati"                                  Not "VESA

Works for ATI 128Rage and is so much faster than the general "VESA"

At 11:18 2002-11-16 -0800, you wrote:
>How can I force this vesa driver into linear video?
>Although I have problem with my ATI Rage 128 Why the
>susyem hang when I chose ?
>What the explaination to the spots when using vesa and
>hang up when chosing ATI rage 128 ?
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