Radeon 7000 VE refresh rate problem

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I have Radeon 7000 AGP graphic card with Philips 107E monitor. 
I'm using RedHat 8.0 with XFree 4.2.0.
I have this problem:
When I set driver to "ati" or "radeon" the X server don't start 
because of error : Screen(s) found but none have a usable 
That is my first problem.

But I have also the second and bigger:
Because of the first problem I'm using vesa driver. But I don't know 
how I shoud set refresh rate higher than 60 Hz by all resolutions. 
Monitor can work on 85Hz by 1024x768 and the card too.
If I set anything to the config file the refresh rate is always set 
to 60Hz and i don't know why.

Please help me how to set higher refresh rate!

Or at least how tu run radeon driver. Probably it helps.


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