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Mukhben Singh wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running Mandrake 9.0 distro and the X server 4.2.1 which came with
> it. The problem is that, after using X for some time, my system locks up
> completely. I mean no key combination works. No not even the Magic Sysrq.
> The only option is a hard reset.
> The symptoms:
> 	1. Mouse pointer disappears.
> 	2. No common action ( that means, I can't recreate it
> intentionally. )
> 	3. Occurs irrespective of GUI. KDE, Gnome all the same.
> 	4. Complete system freeze.
> 	5. May occur within minutes after the boot or after hours.

IT sounds more like a hardware problem than a software one. I've seen 
those exact symptoms many times with overheating CPUs, and sometimes 
with other defective parts.
You could check if the CPU fan is working correctly and is well adjusted 
to the CPU. If your mainboard allows it, check its temperature (though 
it's not always very accurate).

Other tests would be trying to disable as many options as possible in 
the BIOS.
Since you have everything on the MB, it doesn't seem likely there would 
be an hardware conflict.

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