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Hi everybody:

As of july 2001, the status of

X Error of failed request: 86

   Major Opcode of failed request: 51 (X_SetFontPath)
   Serial Number of Failed Request: 9
   Current Serial Number in output stream: 11

problem was unresolved.

On, David Dawes stated: 

> I found by accident that it doesn't
> show up if mkfontdir (from the current XFree86 CVS) is using an
> older (say, from 4.0.1).  That probably points to a problem
> in libXfont.

My question is ¿what is the status of this problem as of today?
I just installed RH 7.2 and xinit+twm goes fine but startx (defaulted to 
kde) crashes and outputs the above quoted message.
Will downgrading libXfont will work?

Thanks in advance,

Jose Luis Sancho


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