Compile Error: fontbase.o libfontbase.a

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I'm writing to try and figure out how to overcome a "make install" problem
of the XFree86 CVS source.  I checked the source out of CVS by obtaining the
xc module.  "make World" was successful, but "make install" has failed a
couple times due to missing files.

I've been able to obtain other missing libraries and files so far using apt
on Debian, but I can't locate the fontbase.o and libfontbase.a files or the
library that provides them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  
Kindly reply off the list to

Thank you!

BTW: I'm using the CVS source in order to get support for my Dell Optiplex
GX260 desktop machine with the Intel 845G chipset and graphics controller.

Paul Turcotte
Director of Computer Technology
Brooklyn Botanic Garden |
    718-623-7232 | facsimile 718-622-7839 

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