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I am currently running FreeBSD 4.7, and I am having trouble getting
XFree86-4 to install (XFree86 3.x is not working for my system).  Each
time I try to do an install on the package, I get several error messages
along the lines of:

config/cf/host.def:10: warning: 'BuildFontServer' redefined
config/cf/xf86site.def:657: warning: this is the location of the previous

Followed by:

./config/imake/imake/ Exit code 1
And a bunch of Error code 1s.

I also have the problem when trying to install the wrapper, or any of the
other little toys.  I thought the problem might be an already-installed
version of X-3, and tried to run a deinstall on it, but that didn't work
either, and left a bunch of files.  So does anyone know how I can get
XFree86-4 up and running on the system and finally get to using the X
server instead of the login shell?  Any help would be appreciated.




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