compiling a input driver (xf86Dyna.c)

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This message is a repost.  I had some issues registering so I hope someone 
responds <crosses finger>.  I will not send this message again.   My 
appologies if I you think I am spamming the list.


I wanted to modify a driver for a touchscreen input device.  It was my 
goal to remove the ability to drag something on the screen.  This would 
then allow for more precise touching, since a mouse-down/up would be at 
the initial point of touch or release depending on how I modified it.

My problem is, once the appropriate source is modified, I have no clue how 
to compile.  Do I have to compile the whole darn thing? or can I just 
compile that small module.  I have tried, and failed.  I do not know how 
to use imake or xmkfm to create the makefile.  Again, I have tried but it 
did not work correctly.

If anyone can give me any pointers, thanks!

Caylan Van Larson
Unix Administrator - Systems Team Member
University of North Dakota (Aerospace College)
701-777-6151 (work)


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