intel 82645G/GL not working

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I did just buy an acer computer and wanted to install linux on it.
I have a problem with xfree86. I think that my chipset is not
supported yet.

The chipset : intel 82645G/GL

I'm using Suse8.0 with Xfree86 version 4.2.0-64. I did run through
the automated Suse installation, and I am able to have X working,
but with poor performance (low refresh rate, resolution), and
saying it wasn't able to recognize my chipset so it's running
in an old VGA mode.

My question is : did I buy too recent a computer and do I have
to wait, or is there a way to force using another driver. I also
have a notebook with an intel chipset i815 which is successfully
used with the same version of xfree86 i810. May I perhaps use the
i810 driver ?

Any help is welcome.

Heu .... is this the rigth place to ask this question ?

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