Configuring X on a Dell C600 Latitude w/ ATI Mobility 3

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> >
> > Does anyne out there have the same machine, with the X server up and
> > running successfully?  Advice on proper sync rates, along with which
> > server I ought to be running, etc. would be great appreciatd.  Tanks in
> > advance :)
> I'm running openbsd 3.1 on a Dell Latitude cpi 300.
> I got a good X display of 1024x768 by adding
> 	HorizSync 31.5-57
> 	VertRefresh 43-90
> to my XF86Config file
> --__--__--

Okay...that -sort- of worked.  Now the X server comes up, but with minimal
resolution, and only in a tiny box in the center of the screen.  I suppose
it is better than just having static, but I feel certain it can get
better.  I redirected the output of my startx to a file, and apparently it
disabled all of the modes I had selected, saying that they needed higher
sync rates, so I got stuck with some miserable resolution.

Also, I have been having to put in the graphics card memory manually,
since every time I try to select what looks like the right card from the
database, X crashes before it starts.  Maybe a problem there?  Anyhow, any
additional help would be great.

I can provide any info out of the configuration or output files on request,
but since the machine in question is not yet either on the network or in
possession of a disk drive I can't just attach the files :(.

Thanks much


p.s. - sorry to start a new thread, something happened to my email (email
gnomes) for the thread, and I had to reconstruct this


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