Workaround! was: Can't view movies with 4.2 and ATI Rage 128

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> I'm running a rather fresh 4.2 (which came with redhat 7.3)
> and I have a problem: Whenever I try to watch a movie (wether
> it's avi or mpeg doesn't matter and I also used several movie
> players) my computer freezes. First I get some blue distorsion
> in the picture of the playing movie (sound is fine and
> sometimes stays running after the freeze), then my whole
> XServer and the keyboard freeze. This realy sucks, because I
> could watch movies with 4.1 and everthing was fine. Now I have
> the feeling something was changed with the new "ati" driver
> and I don't have the know-how to fix this.  I allready wrote a
> full bugreport but until know got no answer so I thought I'd
> ask around if this were a more common problem and somebody
> knew a fix...

I had similar freezes when playing avi files.  For me the
problem went away when I enabled Xinerama in XF86Config!  (If I
disable Xinerama, I can freeze my system reliably :-)

Try something like this in the XF86Config:

Section "ServerFlags"
	Option "Xinerama"  "true"



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