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I need to produce a very small dual-headed XFree86 server for an application that requires only primitive graphics support (lines, fills, bitmaps) in 800x600x256 mode.
The chipsets are:
1. Intel 1132 (i815e) Graphics controller
2. Chips and Technologies F69000 HiQVideo
From what I understand, I'm in the right place (XFree86.org).  However, I don't know where exactly to start and I'm looking for some guidance.
I believe I'll want to start with the project that used to be called "TinyX" (which I understand is now called "Kdrive" or something).
I'll be building in RedHat Linux 7.2 (kernel 2.4.7).
I'll want to locate the thinnest possible APIs to help me with the following:
1. Graphics output (as I mentioned above)
2. Touchscreen input (e.g. MicroTouch module)
3. Mouse input
I won't need a window manager or anything high level since both screens are to be fully controlled by the app!
Any advice or pointers to get me started will be highly appreciated!
Thank you

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