problems getting X to work on Mac system with 2 video cards

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I've been trying to get Linux running on a Mac clone with built in 
Video and a 3rd party card. I cannot get X to run. A couple of years 
ago I had LinuxPPC on the computer and it worked great, but LinuxPPC is 
defunct, and I can't get any newer distro of PPC Linux to run X on my 
machine. I reinstalled LinuxPPC and looked at the XF86Config file to 
see if I could use it with the newer versions, but it is ... minimal is 
an understatement. Where the XF86Config files with the newer distros 
are several hundred lines, the older version is less than 50.  But it 
works without my having to configure anything.

One thing I have figured out from various Linux lists and the docs on 
the site is that I need to specify my video cards. I have 
the data, but I can't figure out the syntax to put it in. Here is the 
data on the PCI locations I have:

onboard video:  00:d.0 ATI Mach64 215 GT Rev41
ATI XClaim 3D: 00:11.0 ATI Machy64 VT Rev40

If someone can help me I'd really appreciate it.


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