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And so that leads to my question, does dual head work under X with
these Radeon Cards?  (That is the Analog out and the Digital out,
although I have a converter for the latter, since I don't have a
digital monitor).


On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 10:47:46AM -0800, C. Brewer wrote:
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> Not enough faith in ATI. I believe it makes supported when it actually works,
> meaning there have been tests and it does work. PCI 3D is _not supported_
> ,but after pounding on the xpert list, they helped me get it running in 2D.
> And after a boatload of googling, I found a site on how to get it running 3D
> on PCI. You can google the archive on my rather lengthy mails about it, and
> theres a good site link where I got my info on making it work. I'm just
> waiting on 4.3 so I can buy another box and get a 9700 Pro.
> ATI Radeon 7000(OEM) 64mb DDR PCI (running in 3D)
> - --
> Chuck Brewer

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