Re: X on MAC OSX

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Title: Re: X on MAC OSX
At 7:05 PM -0400 10/25/02, Paul D. Filliman wrote:
I am trying to get X started on my powerbook G4. I have installed Xfree86. The directory's look
Right. I set the path required.
Whenever I attempt to run a program using X I get the error "Can't open display"
I have tried setting DISPLAY to the machine name but it does not work.
How can I set DISPLAY, or is there another problem.

You need to start the X server before you can run any X11 applications. The X server is named XDarwin and lives in /Applications. Double click on the XDarwin icon to start it. By default this is will give you a bunch of xterms and twm as your window manager. Note that if you are running Jaguar you will need to download the XFree86 update from XFree86 is also available there and you should do this update as well after updating to


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