Is It Possible to RX/Process/TX packets concurrently with AF_XDP?

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Hi All,
Thank you very much for reading this email. My name is Rio.
I recently started looking into the XDP technology, especially AF_XDP, and I really love it. I started studying and modifying this AF_XDP example( to meet my need, and it has been working fine.
However, one thing I notice is that this user space application is single threaded. I wonder if it is feasible to multi-threading to the RX/packet processing/TX parts of the program, in order to utilize other cores and possibly make my application faster?

One challenge I face now is, as I tried different places to add multi-threading, the program does not work properly. Symptoms such as `assert(xsk->umem_frame_free < NUM_FRAMES);` failed; ICMP ping packets doesn’t arrive destination until seconds later and TCP connection generated by `iperf` cannot be established occurs as I tried different places to add multi-threading to my code.
So, my question is, does AF_XDP applications support multi-threading during RX/packet processing/TX? If so, what is a proper way to modify the AF_XDP example code to let it run properly?
Thank you again for reading this email. I look forward to hearing from you.
Rio Zhu

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