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On 12/6/22 5:26 PM, team lnx wrote:
> Sure, I did search for it and read some article but found that
> BPF_FIB_LKUP_RET_NOT_FWDED means packets
> are not forwarded and only unicast are forwarded. Verified prog id and
> map id using bpftool to confirm if it has any issue

ok, so this one:

	if (res.type != RTN_UNICAST)
                return BPF_FIB_LKUP_RET_NOT_FWDED;

and the discussion about local return. If this is really supposed to be
forwarding and not local delivery, the next step is verifying the
routing tables and fib lookup parameters:
    perf record -e fib:* -a
    <run test>
    perf script

the tracepoints will show you input variables, table ids and result.

> interface details:
> prog/xdp id: 4
> map_ids: 1
> btf_id: 7
> ./bpftool map show id 1
> 1: devmap  name xdp_tx_ports  flags 0x80
> Any hints or suggestions on debugging this issue would be helpful !
> Thanks

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