Re: TC bpf_csum_diff problems post-5.6 kernel

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On 11/2/21 11:08 PM, Thomas Ptacek wrote:

That DID fix it! (I thought I tried it before, this time I just used
(1ULL<<5) as the flag).

Why did that fix it? Is that flag new? :)

Some context on the full series:

For the update, did you use bpf_csum_update() helper or directly writing into
the pkt?

Thank you so much!

Np, thanks!

On Tue, Nov 2, 2021 at 5:00 PM Daniel Borkmann <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 11/2/21 10:46 PM, Thomas Ptacek wrote:
The problem I'm dealing with is XDP-adjacent, but not itself an XDP issue, so
disregard if I'm too far outside the charter of the list. :)

We run an XDP/TC-based UDP CDN.

"Edge" machine XDP takes UDP packets off eno1, slaps a proxy header on
them and bounces them to a wg0 (WireGuard)  interface, which shuttles them
to "Worker" machines.

"Worker" TC BPF on wg0 intercepts those UDP packets, strips off the
proxy header, reflects values from that header back into the UDP and IP
headers of the skb, and fixes up the checksums.

All this works fine up through kernel 5.6. But we're working on a fleet update,
and something >= 5.8 is breaking my code (or my code was always broken
and relying on some pre-5.8 bug to function).

With a bunch of perf debugging I've narrowed the problem down: it's the
checksum diff that accounts for the stripped header. I do (roughly):

      /* not shown: parse, copy proxy header to stack */

      bpf_skb_adjust_room(ctx, -12, BPF_ADJ_ROOM_NET, 0)

Hmm, if you add BPF_F_ADJ_ROOM_NO_CSUM_RESET instead of 0 as flag above, would
that work?

      skb_pull_data(ctx, sizeof(struct iphdr) + sizeof(struct udphdr))

      /* not shown: re-check packet pointers, set up pointers to headers ... */
      sum = ~((uint32_t)(udphdr->udp_sum))
      sum = bpf_csum_diff(&proxyHeader, 12, NULL, 0, sum);

      /* not shown: make other checksum fixups, write sum back to packet */

Using some perf-based printf debugging, I can see that the checksum
I'm getting from that bpf_csum_diff is wacky. Further: if I just leave the
proxy header in the UDP packet, but still change the UDP ports and
IP addresses, I get valid UDP checksums (albeit with a useless packet
that has a proxy header still in it).

I'm wondering if anyone can think of something that would have happened
post-5.6 that would have broken this (or if there's something obviously
abusive I'm doing with my "working" code, such that this never should have
worked to begin with).

Thomas H. Ptacek

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