Re: [RFC PATCH v1 1/1] docs: add the new commit-msg tags 'Reported:' and 'Reviewed:'

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Thorsten Leemhuis <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 30.11.21 09:24, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> > On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 11:29 PM Eric Wong <e@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> It's a bit much for common cases with git-send-email and
> >> reasonable MUAs, I think.  I don't know if formail is commonly
> >> installed, nowadays...
> Well, after your earlier suggestion I considered to go with this:
> -	perl -pi -e 's|^Message-Id:\s*<?([^>]+)>?$|Link:
>$1|g;' "$1"
> +	perl -pi -e 's|^Message-ID:\s*<?([^>]+)>?$|Link:
>$1|i;' "$1"
> But...
> > Of course ;-) You need it to run checkpatch on patch series obtained
> > through "b4 am", before you apply them to your tree:
> > 
> > $ cat *mbx | formail -s scripts/
> ...this made me wonder if formail would be the better solution. I came
> up with this:
> formail -A "Link:`formail -c -x Message-ID <
> "${1}" | sed 's!.*<\(.*\)>!\1!'`" < "${1}" | sponge "${1}"
> Downsides: instead of perl it requires sed and sponge (part of
> moreutils, which I guess not everyone has installed; but I tried to
> avoid a big here document or moving files around).

As Geert noted, formail is probably reasonable, but I certainly
don't have moreutils across all the systems I'm using right now.

> Is that worth it? Or is there a way to realize this in a more elegant
> fashion with tools everyone has installed?

*shrug*  Since newlines after ':' are a concern and it's (probably :P)
safe to slurp entire contents of emails into memory nowadays;
some minor tweaks to the original perl invocation should work:

* use `$/ = undef' to force Perl to operate on the entire input at once
* use `m' RE modifier to ensure `^' and `$' still match SOL/EOL
  ($/ is only the input record separator, it doesn't change
   Perl's definition of "lines" for `^' and `$')

perl -i -p -e 'BEGIN{$/=undef};s|^Message-ID:\s*<?([^>]+)>?$|Link:$1|im;'

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