Re: [RFC PATCH v1 1/1] docs: add the new commit-msg tags 'Reported:' and 'Reviewed:'

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Ccing Linus Walleij, who added this, and Kees, who apparently came up
with this originally.

On 23.11.21 19:52, Eric Wong wrote:
> Thorsten Leemhuis <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> diff --git a/Documentation/maintainer/configure-git.rst b/Documentation/maintainer/configure-git.rst
>> index 80ae5030a590..8429d45d661c 100644
>> --- a/Documentation/maintainer/configure-git.rst
>> +++ b/Documentation/maintainer/configure-git.rst
> <snip>, +cc git@vger
>> @@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ by adding the following hook into your git:
>>  	$ cat >.git/hooks/applypatch-msg <<'EOF'
>>  	#!/bin/sh
>>  	. git-sh-setup
>> -	perl -pi -e 's|^Message-Id:\s*<?([^>]+)>?$|Link:$1|g;' "$1"
>> +	perl -pi -e 's|^Message-Id:\s*<?([^>]+)>?$|Reviewed:$1|g;' "$1"
> Side note: that regexp should match "Message-ID" case-insensitively.
> git send-email is an outlier in its capitalization of "Message-Id",
> most RFCs capitalize it "Message-ID", as do common MUAs.

Argh :-/

It's still totally unclear if that or a similar patch will be accepted.
And even if it is: the "don't do two different things in one commit"
rule might not be that strict enforced when it comes to the Linux
kernel's docs, but changing this regexp as part of another patch crosses
the line.

IOW: we afaics need a separate patch to make the regexp
case-insensitively. Eric, do you want to submit one, as you brought it
up? Or are there any other volunteers?

Ciao, Thorsten

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